Future Works In The News

What the Future of Work means to these Philadelphians by Ezequiel Manaya and Christian Hetrick

The Future of Work means different things to different people in Philadelphia. To the founder of an early stage start-up, it means searching for investors. To an unemployed worker with chronic health issues, the future of work means navigating skyrocketing levels of unemployment to find a job with benefits. Economists and public officials track macro trends, some stretching back decades, to discern the obstacles to and opportunities for creating jobs for the city and surrounding region. With various perspectives and priorities, these people are all nonetheless stakeholders in Philadelphia’s future. And they all agree on the centrality of work to identity, as individuals and as a city. Work defines how we live and who we are. Here, in their own words, is what the future of work means to a cross section of Philadelphians.

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