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Featured Founder: Orly Zeewy, Brand Architect

Future Works Alliance PHL: The future of work is driven by constant and rapid change. How has your upbringing and other life experience shaped the ways you manage risk?

Orly Zeewy: The first 11 years of my life shaped the way I view the world and manage risk. I was lucky to live in, and travel to many countries while growing up. As a result, I learned to speak several languages and experienced diverse cultures. This made me resilient and open to new people and ideas. As an adult, I am able to assess and respond to change more easily than if I had lived in one place my whole life. I also come from a long line of entrepreneurs, so taking risks is in my DNA.

Future Works Alliance PHL: What famous person, past or present, would like to meet and what would you do?

Orly Zeewy: I’d like to meet Maya Angelou and walk with her through Les Champs Elysées discussing politics and current events. After our walk, we would have a drink at the Café Fouquet and chat about the people going by.

Future Works Alliance PHL: Share something about your work projects and goals for this year. How does the Future Works Alliance PHL complement these efforts?

Orly Zeewy: My brand building work is typically with serial entrepreneurs and self-funded startups. I help them figure out who they are, who they want to work with and clearly communicate what makes them unique so they can attract the right clients. My goal this year is to work with more disrupters who are doing unique things to make the world a better place.

In conjunction with my consulting work, I’m currently building my social media presence around the launch my book, Ready, Launch, Brand: The Lean Marketing Guide for Startups. As a founding member, I was involved in the recent collaborative exercise to identify a communications strategy for the Alliance. That exercise helped me think through my own communications efforts and as a result, I’m looking at my book launch in a new way. I am excited to continue learning from other marketing professionals around best digital communication practices.

Technology allows me to get real time feedback to help me continually improve and focus my consulting work in areas that matter to the people I want to work with.

Future Works Alliance PHL: Thriving in the future of work requires proactive career management. Share memorable career management advice you received.

Orly Zeewy: The best career management advice I ever received was to follow my passion for creative expression. This has led me on a circuitous route from fine artist to brand strategist. As result of that advice, I continually ask myself: am I still passionate about the work I do? What new creative problems need to be solved? Do I have the right skills to solve them? This led me to go back to school to get an MBA and as a result, I was able to pivot into my current role as a brand architect.

Future Works Alliance PHL: What new tools, tech or other innovations are you now adopting and why?

Orly Zeewy: I’ve moved from dabbling in social media to using it daily to build my storytelling skills. I’ve gotten very comfortable with the new tools on LinkedIn such as polls and engaging on my network’s content. Technology allows me to get real time feedback to help me continually improve and focus my consulting work in areas that matter to the people I want to work with. I’m currently developing online courses and videos so I can provide 24/7 access to my content. Through post engagement on LinkedIn, I’ve identified the three key areas of interest to my demographic.

Future Works Alliance PHL: Anything else you want to share with us?

Orly Zeewy: I spent five years interviewing founders to learn about their marketing journeys and thinking about marketing best practices for startups. My book was originally set to launch in 2020 but then the pandemic happened and publishing came to a halt. What I could not have imagined, is that the pandemic would lead to a 24% increase in startups—in one year. So instead of launching in 2020, my book launched in May 2021, when many more people are considering how to scale their startups.

Thanks to Orly Zeewy for being this month’s Featured Founder. You can learn more about her work at her website, or follow her on Twitter and LinkedIn. We also encourage you to become a Founder of Future Works Alliance PHL, and to actively help shape our regional future.