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Let’s Talk about Opportunities

Many people now worry about their careers. The pandemic wiped out a lot of jobs. The pandemic also sped up tech adoption. As a result, remote work, online shopping and virtual everything are re-shaping how we live, learn and work.

The future of work is now. Jobs are changing and new careers are being created. Mass media tends to highlight fear and problems, not solutions. Great careers exist but they may require new skills, formal training and financial supports. Good resources exist but accessing them is challenging.

Navigating a career change is not easy.

  • Current systems support rapid job placement, not smart career changes.
  • Regional data and tools are available. But public awareness is limited.   
  • Career navigation is now more complex than ever, as tech tools flood the market. 

We will work together to create a program of positive, clear, consistent messages. This is just a first step.

On Monday March 29th, people will participate in a virtual dialogue. The shared purpose is to create a 24-month communications program about future-ready careers. Each person will privately submit expertise, concerns and opinions. People from all walks of life will spend a small amount of time, when convenient, to submit ideas. All perspectives will be collectively shared and evaluated. The result will be a creative and viable project plan.

Future Works Alliance PHL is partnering with SchellingPoint, one of our 76 Founding Members, to conduct this virtual dialogue. If you would like to learn more, about the seven-step process, please watch this 3-minute video or this deeper dive video. There are more virtual dialogues about different topics planned in 2021. Each virtual dialogue will help build the Future of Work Playbook. If you would like to be included in coming virtual dialogues, please submit your information here.