Future of Work Playbook

The Future of Work Playbook is a collection of strategies and actions anchored in four future-forward pillars. This playbook is for employers, leaders and community members so we can all embrace innovation and proactively prepare for rapid technological change.

1. Innovation

We pledge to support entrepreneurs and model employers. We will create an innovation strategy and advocate for policy to support the growth of quality jobs and future-forward careers.  

2. Education

We work closely with community leaders, educators, and students. The next generation needs to create technology, not just consume it. Our children need strong skills: curiosity, empathy, mental resilience and habits for lifelong learning. 

3. Talent

We will support pathways to quality jobs and future-forward careers. All stakeholders can support the talent pool in reskilling and upskilling. The new economy demands agile skill sets and critical thinking from C-Suite executives to pre-apprentices.

4. Environment

We work for equitable use of common spaces, mindful of climate change and emerging technology. We work with citizens and researchers to enhance human quality of life in neighborhoods.

Join Us

Future Works Alliance PHL values diverse perspectives. Together, we create a thorough and inclusive Future of Work Playbook. Join us as we position Greater Philadelphia to thrive through unprecedented change.