Founding Members

What Are Founding Members?

Founding members are early adopters and thought leaders, decision-makers and change agents. They understand technology and how it can change our lives. They also provided more significant seed funding to launch this effort. 

Becoming one of 76 Founding Members means you are instrumental in shaping regional strategies now and for the benefit of the next generation. Founding Members help create the ever-evolving Future of Work Playbook.

Member Benefits

  • Public recognition  
  • Promotional opportunities
  • Lead and review strategic collaborations
  • Influence advocacy efforts

Orly Zeewy

Brand Strategist, Facilitator of Lightbulb Moments

Why are you a Founding Member?
“I love to work with disrupters who are doing unique things to make the world a better place.”

Become One of 76 Founding Members 

Since November of 2020, we have built a core group of more than 50 Founding Members.  We will soon have 76 Founding Members because it is a very Philadelphia number that reminds us of our ingenuity, passion and determination. Contact us here for more information about Founding Membership for you or your company.

    Founding Member Organizations

    Founding Member Individuals

    Alex Hillman
    Pamela Selle
    Shaun Connolly
    Paul Levy

    Harjeet Singh
    Brian Dooner
    Gary W. Fredericks
    Madeline Bayliss

    Laura Hurley
    Emily Stock
    Jenna Streeter

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    Future Works Alliance PHL values diverse perspectives. Together, we create a thorough and inclusive Future of Work Playbook. Join us as we position Greater Philadelphia to thrive through unprecedented change.