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Technology is advancing faster due to the pandemic and both forces are disrupting lives. We are employers, leaders and people working in transparent collaboration to build a Future of Work playbook so Greater Philadelphia can respond to rapid change, future-proof our workforce, grow opportunity and thrive.

The Challenge

Hundreds of thousands – 4 of 10 – jobs lost are probably not coming back. Estimates indicate 75% of restaurants may close. Entire industries will be permanently altered due to combined forces of pandemic and automation. The human and social cost of inaction is steep: more addiction and suicides, further erosion of quality jobs, declining social cohesion and little progress on racial or gender inequities.

The Future Works Alliance PHL is acting now to respond collectively to both opportunities and challenges presented by automation and artificial intelligence. 

We will gather expertise from people and action-oriented leaders across systems and industries. Together, we will transparently workshop solutions, design equitably, pilot and plan effectively. Our innovative efforts will better position the region to thrive so more people will have a better quality of life. 

The Future Works Alliance PHL is organized by Four Future-Proofing Pillars:

  • Innovation
  • Education
  • Talent
  • Environment

Future-Proofing Pillars


Technology adoption continues unabated, fueled by competitive forces. We will bolster creative forces and entrepreneurs to generate more careers here. We will craft an innovation strategy with smart public policy and nurture new, forward-thinking businesses and quality jobs. 



The next generation needs more than foundational skills. Our future economy needs students to create with technology, not just consume it. Communication, problem-solving, curiosity, empathy, mental resilience and the entrepreneurial mindset are all essential skills we need modeled and taught in schools.



Artificial intelligence and automation will eliminate jobs and create new ones demanding agile skill sets. The timeframe to re-skill and upskill displaced workers is much shorter. Talent pipelines must be clear, strong, inclusive, effective. We will build them together with employers, workers, workforce systems, apprenticeships and higher education. 



Drones will deliver packages and cars will eventually drive themselves. How and where we work are changing. How we buy goods and services is increasingly digital.  Our use of common spaces, transportation systems, main streets and more will be examined with the input of people, climate data and emerging technology in mind.

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"We are working to harness the brainpower of the region to solve pressing problems related to the work of the future."

Anne Gemmell, Founder

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