The future is now. Let’s get to work.

Together, we can ensure everyone is prepared for rapid technological change.

What is Future Works?

Future Works Alliance PHL is a movement powered by employers, workers, civic leaders, citizens and students. We are inspired by technology, yet mindful of job loss for low-wage workers, especially women and people of color. We work to: 

  • Align and share best practices
  • Consult experts about emerging technology 
  • Collaborate openly on problems and solutions
  • Design a comprehensive resiliency strategy

We strive to strengthen the talent pool and increase opportunities so more people have a better quality of life.

Our Mission and Board ⟶

Why is this work important?

Technology is core to how we live and work. Various industries adopt technology in varying ways, but women and people of color are most vulnerable to disruption. It’s imperative we work together to respond and prepare for change. Our quality of life in coming decades depends on collaborative actions we take now. The cost of business as usual is high: growing poverty, greater racial inequity, social unrest, and unrealized potential.

The Future of Work Playbook ⟶ 

David Goldberg, PhD

Co-Founder, Excel Together Philadelphia

How has your upbringing shaped how you manage risk? 
I’m a Caltech-trained molecular biologist ‘gone bad’ as a serial entrepreneur in over 20 high-tech companies in 20 different industries. Building transferable skills applicable to many industry sectors and business functions is the most powerful way to reduce personal career risk.

Join Us

Future Works Alliance PHL values diverse perspectives. Together, we create a thorough and inclusive Future of Work Playbook. Join us as we position Greater Philadelphia to thrive through unprecedented change.