The future is here. Let’s get to work.

The pandemic has accelerated the rate of tech adoption and is disrupting all of our lives.

We are working together now on a future of work playbook so everyone in our region can thrive through unprecedented change in how we live and work.


In the U.S., 4 of 10 jobs lost are now gone for good.

In our region, 321,000 jobs were at high risk of being automated before the pandemic

The work from home shift threatens service workers, 49% of Philadelphia’s workforce. 

The pandemic will end, but technology continues to accelerate and radically disrupt how we live and work. 

Institutions react far too slowly to meet the moment. Human costs of inaction are steep. We need a new way now.

Future Works Alliance PHL is a new way. Together, we can crowdsource equitably designed  solutions so more people can thrive.   

We harness the brain power of the region to address the Future of Work 


Technology adoption continues unabated, fueled by competitive forces. We will bolster creative forces and entrepreneurs to generate more quality jobs and careers here. We will craft an innovation strategy with smart public policy to nurture – not inhibit – new, forward-thinking businesses. 



The next generation needs more than foundational skills. Our future economy needs students to create with technology, not just consume it. Communication, problem-solving, curiosity, empathy, mental resilience and the entrepreneurial mindset are all essential skills we need modeled and taught in schools.



 Technology will eliminate jobs and create new ones demanding agile skill sets. The window of opportunity to re-skill and upskill is shorter. Tools for worker learning must be reliable, engaging, inclusive, effective. We will create and illuminate pathways together with employers, workers, apprenticeships and higher education. 



Drones will deliver packages, cars will drive themselves. How and where we work are both changing. Our use of common space, transportation, and main streets must enhance quality of life and be mindful of global warming and emerging technology.


"We are working to harness the brainpower of the region to solve pressing problems related to the work of the future."

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